7 Sloanie Approved Bachelorette Party Destinations

Raise your hand if you or one of your friends got engaged over the holiday season…. Thought so. Sloanie HQ was abuzz with story after story of holiday proposals. We’re all giddy with excitement for our friends near and far that are embarking on new adventures with the ones they love. We’re also super excited for all the planning details to come and bachelorette weekend getaways to plan. There are so many outstanding places for a bachelorette trip, which makes it almost impossible to decide where you should go. Have no fear, we’ve handpicked 7 of our Sloanie Approved Bachelorette Party Destinations to help you narrow down the options. 

South Beach, Miami

Miami Bachelorette Party | Sloane Ranger

We know it’s nothing original, but spending a few days in South Beach with your best girlfriends sounds like a ton of fun to us. With tons to do – shop, swim, dance, eat, relax, explore – you’re guaranteed a nice golden glow by the end of it all. We say, “Sunshine State, here we come!”

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bachelorette trip or not, San Juan, Puerto Rico is high on our bucket list for 2017. With Old World charm, pretty beaches, and the most colorful downtown it’s a place you’ll find fun in the sun and great nightlife too.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville Bachelorette Party | Sloane Ranger

If brewery hopping is your thing, this is the place you must visit. Asheville is also perfect for the adventurous type with hiking trails and zip lines all in close proximity to the city.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Bachelorette Party | Sloane Ranger

With its fairly central location, Nashville makes a great option for you if you’re inviting friends that are spread around the country. It has an amazing live music scene (probably didn’t need to mention that), shopping galore, an endless array of foodie restaurants, and tons of southern charm.

Sonoma, California

Sonoma Bachelorette Party | Sloane Ranger

We couldn’t leave off the West Coast. We can’t imagine a bachelorette trip to Sonoma not being the. best. time. ever. It sounds incredible. Wineries all day in the California sun would make for, in our opinion, the best bestie time.

Provence, France

Provence, France Bachelorette Party | Sloane Ranger

Yes, you read that correctly. The area of Provence in France is European charm at its finest. We’re sure a trip abroad sounds overwhelming, but we think this tour with Jackdaw Brocante & Cuisine happening in May 2017 would be the perfect fit for the treasure hunting, food-loving ladies of the bridal party.

London, England

London Bachelorette Party | Sloane Ranger

Our list would not be complete without a mention of London. If you’ve never been, a bachelorette trip there would be the perfect time to go. We’ve got plenty of posts with ideas of what to do in London Town too!

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