Preppy Tropical Beach Picnic – Guest Post

After experiencing my first “real” winter as a college freshman in Boston this year, I was excited to get back to my Floridian roots for the summer. Snow is fun and all, but there’s nothing quite like Florida beaches with their white sand, tall palm trees, and crystal clear water. I love spending as much time by the shoreline as possible swimming and catching some rays, but one of my favorite activities is a beach picnic. My inner prep loves the Sloane Ranger classic tote and wristlet in the lobster print because it reminds me of Boston, but they are also the perfect sizes for packing picnics whether on the beach, in the park, or while sailing. 


The secret to planning a beach picnic involves the right assortment snacks. Munch on some cheese and crackers with a side of fruit to satisfy sweet and salty cravings. Make sure to also pack along some paper plates and napkins, and if you’re a type A like me, the Sloane Ranger wristlet is ideal for keeping utensils and straws organized. If you want to forgo the utensils completely, opt for fruit kabobs. Bonus points if you cut them into some fancy summer shapes with cookie cutters.  IMG_2788

It’s only the beginning of summer, but the temperatures are getting ready to soar. Stay hydrated with a fun bubbly drink like sparkling pink lemonade along with some fun plastic glasses so you can sip in style without the worry of breaking glass. Life’s too short for plain lemonade, right?


To finish off your quintessential beach picnic, be sure to also include some delicious sweet treats. Ice cream, chocolate, and popsicles will easily melt in the heat, so choose wisely. British shortbreads or scones would do the trick nicely, but my favorites always include French macarons and quintessential summer pies in bite-sized shapes.

Happy Picnicking Sloanies!

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This post was written by contributor Tianna Gallinaro from the life and style blog, Big City Tyro. Big City Tyro is a blog that documents Tianna’s adventures in the city of Boston and as a college student at Boston University. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram. (both @bigcitytyro)
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