Twelve Sloanie Fashion Hacks You Need

Whether we’re getting more life out of that vintage cashmere, safeguarding our jewelry against tarnishing or keeping those skinny jeans rightly tight, we prepsters always look the part and know how to get the most out of our investment pieces. Ever keen to serve our loyal readers with all the best advice, hints, tips and tricks for a smarter and more stylish life, this week we bring you all of our favorite fashion fixes. 

  1. Use white wine to remove red wine stains. Here’s the science bit: something about the particular tannins in both red and white wine cancel each other out and result in the stain being neutralized. Neat.

  2. Keep your best jewels shining bright (like a diamond) with a bit of dishwasher liquid on an old toothbrush.

  3. Tights with runs are the absolute pits and simply not a good look. Safeguard against embarrassing ladders at your next event by giving your tights a thin coating of hairspray. Before you put them on, of course…

  4. Remove unsightly sweat patches from your tops by spraying them with a little lemon juice before putting them in the washing machine.

  5. Apply ice to clothing that’s picked up a wad of gum – you want that gum good and cold before you start trying to pick it out. Putting the whole garment in the freezer is another way to prepare an area for gum removal before scraping commences.

  6. Invest in your shoes. A good shoemaker or cobbler will help you get a lifetime’s wear out of your favorite kicks by re-heeling them every few years and giving that leather some TLC.

  7. Get out and play in a rainstorm wearing your new leather biker jacket to break it in properly. Water softens the leather, encouraging it to stretch and crease to your shape beautifully. And put that umbrella down!

  8. We love a flea market find, but we don’t love the musty smell of the thrift store so much. Spritz your vintage finds with a solution of one part vodka and two parts water to get rid of that antique smell.

  9. Use a blow dryer to break in new shoes. Just pop them on your feet with a pair of thick socks on, give those feet a blast of warm air, and wiggle those toes.

  10. There’s cashmere and there’s cashmere out there these days, if you catch our drift. Wondering whether that bargain cardi’s made of the good stuff? Forget checking what percentage cashmere it is on the label and just gently stretch a section of the garment. If it snaps back, buy it.

  11. Talking of cashmere, this fabric is best washed by hand no matter what the label says. Keep it well away from that tumble drier as well, and whisk it up in a salad spinner to dry. Seriously.

  12. Got stinky sneakers? Pour two or three tablespoons of baking soda into them overnight, leaving them tilted downwards to ensure the toe area gets a coating. This will eat up odor and absorb perspiration in one go.

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