University Décor Sloanie Style

It’s that time of year again, Sloanies. Only a couple of months before all keen freshmen (or freshers, as they’re called in the UK) pack up their rooms at home to embark on a new, exciting life at University. Whether you’re sharing with a roomie at Brown or Columbia, or moving into an apartment at Newcastle or Durham, we’ve got a few varsity tips up our sleeves for styling your digs like a college prepster. 

Old School Trunk

vintage trunks are a must for your sloane ranger dorm room decor for london preppy college style


All boarding school Brits get packed off with a large leather or wooden trunk with their initials embossed on the side, but the humble trunk makes a very nifty storage solution for cramped study bedrooms too. And here’s a tip: trunks look best when they’re a little worn and beat up, preppy vintage style. Once you’ve used your trunk to move your stuff in, use it to store spare bedding, text books, heels and extra party dresses. And don’t forget, a trunk can double up as emergency seating for those impromptu halls parties and late-night study sessions. Or as a coffee table, nightstand, bookshelf… you name it!

vintage trunks make great college dorm room accessories if you want to be a sloane ranger fashionista


Travel Mementoes

preppy college dorm decor needs to add a splash of your travels over the summer


Whether it’s a multicolored Mexican throw, a giant wooden Buddha from Cambodia or a pair of bongo drums from your travels in Africa, mementoes from your summer travels are a lovely way to hold onto your spirit of adventure whilst living away from home. Plus, the ethnic vibe is having a real moment this summer, as the catwalks of London fashion week will testify. Souvenirs like this also make great conversation starters for meeting and greeting your flatmates or halls buddies. Just go easy on those bongo drums late at night if you want to remain on good terms with your new neighbours…

Wall Art

vintage posters are popular preppy-college-dorm-decor


Avoid cliché at all costs and step away from the Che Guevara / Keep Calm and Carry On / Parisian Black Cat Absinthe prints that have been done to death over the past decade or so. Despite this, however, a few pieces of well-chosen wall art can transform an uninspiring study and a big bare wall into a homely space that also reflects a little something about you. We love vintage ski posters right now, but whether your passion is for music, art, travel or sport, use that blank space to set the tone not only for your room but for your whole university experience. Literature students are loving these single page book posters, for example.


how to make a headboard for your preppy college dorm decor


Just because you’re in student digs needn’t mean you can’t still sleep like a princess, princess. Check out this clever how-to guide for how to fashion your own glamorous headboard out of fabric and cardboard. It’ll transform that single bed into something really rather special, and lend your room a certain boudoir-style feel. If we had our time at college again we’d make our DIY headboard from Cath Kidston fabric – we’re suckers for that pretty rose print!

How do you style your college lodgings? Share your inspiration with us on Instgram and we’ll regram our faves. 

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