Weekend in the Country – Sloanie Style


Fall is finally upon us and it’s that time of year for crisp woodland walks and cosy country getaways with friends and family. It’s all about hearty warming food and curling up with a good book. Rosy cheeks and warm toes. Comfort is key when the weather turns, but it needn’t mean that style takes a back seat. So if you’ve been invited to weekend in the country, here’s how to do it like a Sloanie… 

Packing List


Sloanies always arrive fully prepared for any occasion and never look anything but the part, so get an idea from your host as to what the weekend entails first. Will you be walking, fruit-picking, fishing, horse-riding or shooting? And will there be a formal dinner at any stage? We’re all taking off for the hills this weekend so we’ll be packing the following in our preppy weekender:



Country Etiquette

It may be that your host has arranged some activities for the weekend that you haven’t tried before, like horse-riding for example. Do not, whatever you do, try to chance it if this is the case. It could be dangerous at worst and highly embarrassing at best to try your hand at something you’re not experienced in, so have a quiet word if need be and stick to what you know best. Luckily with all country pursuits there’s always a role for the less experienced, so if shooting is on the cards, stay away from the guns. You can go walking through the woods with the dogs, act as group photographer and be on hand to get the shoot lunch ready for the rest of the party.



These weekends are for relaxing as much as getting out in the fresh air, but remember to offer your help at mealtimes and do not expect to be waited on hand and foot. Whether you initiate plate clearing once a meal is finished, or help serve the vegetables with your Sunday roast, your courtesy will be noted and hopefully imitated by others around the table. It might get you a repeat invitation too, if you’re lucky!



Another big no-no on country weekends is turning up empty-handed, so take the time to purchase a little gift of thanks for your host or hostess. A box of chocolates or bunch of flowers is nice, but something even more thoughtful like a pot of homemade jelly, a scented candle (Diptyque or Jo Malone) or a pair of cashmere socks is even better. A weekend of someone else’s hospitality should always be followed up with a sweet thank you note around a week later, too.



What are your top tips for a Sloanie country weekend? Share below and we’ll tweet out the best ones!

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