Weekly Wishlist

What to wear for a day in NYC

Happy Monday, Sloanies! Having recently spent some time in NYC we thought we’d take a look into what a Sloanie wears for a day galavanting around the city.

A Simple Dress: Versatility is key when it comes to dressing for NYC. Summers can be hot hot hot so think cool thoughts when picking a dress. This one is lightweight and super breathable. The cut is super relaxed which means you’ll be comfortable all day long.

A Little Glam: Punch up your simple dress with our favorite tassel necklace. Don’t love the color? There’s tons more options available.

The Perfect Bag: Getting around NYC can be tiring. Load up our Grey Horse Backpack with necessities like water and energy bars to get you through the day!

Minimalist Sunglasses: Stylish and understated. Pick a pair of sunglasses that will be comfortable all day long.

Walking Shoes: Even if you have the subway and buses figured out or can hail a taxi in 10 seconds you’ll still be doing a fair amount of walking. Pick a pair of flats (preferably sneakers) to get you through a day on the streets in NYC.

There you have it! A look at what a Sloanie wears for a day in NYC. Do you have any helpful tips for the day? Let us know @SloaneRanger.

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