Wrap It Up The Preppy Way


So, you have a mountain of gifts that you have carefully bought, selected, picked, and paid for. Now what?

Yep, you now have to wrap all of those gifts. Don’t fret, we here at Sloanie HQ know the importance of preppy wrapping and we understand the overwhelming feeling of being well, overwhelmed with the heavy gift wrapping pressures.

We have composed a few wrapping ideas and some hacks to help your season be a little brighter and a little less stressful. Ah, where should we begin?

If you are an avid Sloane Ranger fan then you must love Lilly Pulitzer as much as we do too! Therefore, you probably will be gifting Lilly this holiday season. While you are checking out online or in stores, make sure you select the gift wrapping option. Not only will our friends over at Lilly Pulitzer do the wrapping for you, but the gift(s) will be wrapped in the utmost colorful way!

The same goes for purchases made at Pottery Barn Teen, For a few extra pennies (maybe quarters), you’ll have a preppy youthful package wrapped to perfection. The best part is that you won’t even need to break a nail doing so! PB Teen and Lilly are in good company with other retailer such as Neiman Marcus who also participate in the custom gift wrapping art form. NM’s colors consist of pretty silver boxes, paper, and ribbon. Oooo!

This year, Target partnered with Sugar Paper LA to create the most beautiful line of gold foil wrapping products. While their gift wrap selection is well, divine, their gift boxes have the wrapping basically done for you! The coral and gold box is our favorite! What about you?

Don’t forget when you have such a lovely box (and a Sloane Ranger purchase to wrap inside) you’ll need to remember the tissue paper. Luckily, Sugar Paper LA has that covered too.

If you are a more do-it-yourself type of gal we found the best site to teach beginners on how to tie the prettiest bow. Click here, as it will change your gift wrapping world! Aside from preppy bows and frills we understand Pinterest to have a vast arsenal of gift wrapping ideas. Can you guess our favorite theme? Well, we are very fond of their Kate Spade inspired gift wrapping ideas. Don’t believe there is such a thing? Be sure to see for yourself!

Another fun and more affordable wrapping way is to use pieces of fabric or old scarves you have around the home. Think of this idea like recycling, but for present wrapping.

A preppy gift wrapping rule of thumb is to select a theme of what colors and patterns you’d like to use. For instance, perhaps, you’d like to do a gem tone gift wrapping theme or a gold and white theme. Selecting a wrapping theme ahead of time will make the wrapping process less overwhelming as you have already narrowed in on what type of paper and bags you’d like to buy.

No matter what you bought or how you decide to wrap your gifts, remember it really is the thought behind the gift(s) that counts. Take a deep breath and wrap one thing at a time. P.S. don’t forget the tape!

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