You Know You’re A Sloanie Girl When…

Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots

The Sloanie is a very complex character and impossible to completely define, but if you find yourself nodding and smiling to yourself as you read through this checklist, it’s likely that you’re a member of this elite social club. So how do you score on the Sloanie scale?

  1. You have more cashmere in your closet than any other fabric
  2. You kiss your friends hello, once on each cheek
  3. You can navigate the King’s Road from top to bottom without looking up from your iPhone
  4. You still wear your stripy old school scarf in the winter
  5. You call dinner ‘supper’
  6. Your first car was a Volkswagen Golf or a Mini
  7. Your parents are still ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’. Or you call them by their first names.
  8. You know at least two people called Rupert, and several Annabels.
  9. You are actually called Annabel
  10. You have more than one middle name
  11. You have a double-barrelled surname
  12. You ski at least once a year
  13. You had horse-riding lessons as a child
  14. You have a horse
  15. They filmed Harry Potter at your school
  16. Your school was like Hogwarts
  17. You have a signet ring with your family crest on it
  18. The Modern Prep Gazette is your life
  19. Kate Middleton is your style icon
  20. You can pronounce ‘Delevingne’ properly (tip: de-luh-veen)
  21. You prefer dogs to cats
  22. You have black Labrador
  23. You have a cocker spaniel
  24. You own a pair of Hunter wellies
  25. And they have real mud on them
  26. There were speeches at your 21st birthday party
  27. And a seating plan
  28. You write brilliant thank-you cards
  29. On headed note cards, printed with your name and address at the top
  30. You have played polo or attended a polo match
  31. Your school has an alumni society
  32. You’re saving for a pair of L.K. Bennett heels
  33. You rock a faux fur headband in winter
  34. You travel with smart, matching luggage
  35. You own a personal organiser
  36. You have a thing for guys in red trousers
  37. Or yellow
  38. Or green
  39. There’s something in tweed hanging up in your closet
  40. You’ve had your picture taken for the society pages of a magazine
  41. You had a nanny
  42. You’re unfailingly polite to everyone you meet
  43. You’ve been to a white tie ball
  44. You love the city but your heart belongs in the country
  45. You loving nothing more than a nice cup of tea

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  • Meg

    41/45, Hooray Henry! 😉

  • Farrah

    I’d say between 1/3-1/2, but I’m in America. It has been too long since I’ve been to London to remember King’s Road.